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23 March 2022


Amman, Jordan


Fintech Summit Middle East
Fintech Summit Middle East

Hosted in an intimate setting that’s ideal for networking in Amman, Jordan on 23 March 2022, FINTECH SUMMIT Middle East will be bring together attendance of over 1000 fintech professionals, and speakers who’re shaping the current and future of payments and digital banking & financial products & services.

Prepare to experience quality, one-to-one networking, sessions dedicated to important industry topics including “Digital-Only” Banking, Payment innovations, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Buy-Now-Pay Later (BNPL)  & AI Technologies.

Since 2015, Fintech Summit Middle East has been recognized as the most influential event in Fintech, digital payments and banking innovation. Hear from the most sought-after thought leaders and experience a wide range of keynotes, exclusive panels, demos, and networking opportunities.



What’s new for 2022

  • The Rise of “Digital-Only” Banking, and How It Will Affect Your Business
  • Fintech’s & Bank’s Competing Through Collaborations & Partnerships
  • The Coming Trend of Platform as a Service (PaaS
  • Digital Financial support: Buy-Now-Pay Later (BNPL), Insurtech and crowdfunding
  • AI Bank - Future of banking Industry
  • Payment Innovations
  • Emerging Role of Open Banking and API’s
  • Innovation Growth In SME Digital Payments
  • Biometric Technologies
  • Regtech and Compliance
  • Open Banking


Why should you attend?

Fintech Summit Middle east is the most influential gathering for the Payments, Banking, Fintech and Financial Services ecosystem. Whether you’re a fintech or financial institution, it’s time to step up. See cutting-edge fintech demos, hear expert advice, and connect with people who can help you take it to the new heights. Meet 500+ professionals, hear 20+ expert speakers and see 15+ insightful demos of new tech.

Fintech Summit Middle East gathered the brightest minds in the financial technology world. Learn new skills and get insights from experts and practitioners from all around!

Below you'll find the schedule for World Fintech Summit. We'll keep this page regularly updated with all new speakers and sessions, so be sure to keep checking in!

Wednesday, 23 March 2022
08:00 am – 09:30 am
Networking & Registration
09:30 am – 09:45 am
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Ayman IrshaidFounder & CEO, Moments Innovation
09:45 am – 10:00 am
Guest of Honor Speech
10:00 am – 10:30 am
Keynote Address: Blockchain – DeFi; Crypto Assets; CBDC; NFT

What Do You Really Need To Know?

One of the key differences between the financial services industry is how we achieve trust and gain access to financial services and opportunities. Where is the middle ground between trust placed in technology and trust placed in companies and people and how do we take the best of both ends of the spectrum? How do we mitigate the risks associated with each scenario in achieving an equitable and inclusive financial environment that gives individuals control over their assets and financial opportunities.

10:30 am – 11:00 am
Headline Session: A glimpse into the future - top three trends in banking

In this future-facing session we will share a unique glimpse into the future, making sense of the trends that are shaping our industry.

Join us to learn more about Banking-as-a-Service, Embedded Finance and the modern way to migrate to a digital-era banking technology stack.

11:00 am – 11:30 am
Coffee Break & Networking
11:30 am – 11:50 am
Headline Session: Open banking

Open banking has helped propel a number of European fintechs to unicorn status, but how will it fare on an international scale?

Will traditional banks be able to contribute to an open financial network, or will new companies emerge to fill the niche? Join us to find out.


11:50 am – 12:30 pm
Panel Discussion: Playing the tech long game

Do partners, from technology to advisory, fit within the ecosystem?

Financial services technology is ever evolving so how will complex traditional players build a roadmap for success?  Join this team of senior leaders as they look at the tech journey that banks will find themselves on in the next decade.

12:30 pm – 12:45 pm
Why You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore RegTech

RegTech – Where do we go from here?

So much have changed in the past 24 months, regulations have not gone away but new ways of working have shifted some of the focus of risk and compliance functions at financial institutions. How is the new technology used to manage the new normal and how are RegTech companies evolving to meet these new demands?

12:45 pm – 01:00 pm
Creating An Exceptional Customer Experience

– What Lessons Can We Learn From The Tech Giants?.

How Can Financial Institutions Move Away From Product Focus To Customer Focus By Unlocking Data & Truly Engaging Customers?

01:00 pm – 02:00 pm
Lunch & Networking Break
02:00 pm – 02:40 pm
Panel Discussion: Women In Banking and Financial Institutions Executive

How can everyone collaborate across the financial services industry to reach a gender-neutral future in financial services?

  • What are the challenges and hurdles that remain?
  • What can we do to pave the way for the next generation of female founders & executives?
  • Why mentorship is critical; how can women in Banking and Financial Institutions really support each other?

02:40 pm – 03:00 pm
How can you turn a payment from a moment of transaction into a relationship?

How do we overlay rewards that matter over the most invisible of experiences – the payment – and build loyalty with our customers?

A payment today is much more than a transaction, it’s the start of a relationship. Variety of local and global international payments methods and channels coupled with the inevitability of open data economy create a unique opportunity for businesses to turn what was considered a transactional moment of exchanging money for goods and services into a rewarding and lasting experience with a brand.

03:00 pm – 03:20 pm
Success factors for digital banks - growth at all cost?

Traditionally digital challengers face a long journey towards profitability.

Often, young fintechs lose money on new customers, while looking to capture value pools. What key metrics must they assess to ensure they are on track for profitability? we will explore learnings from thriving digital banks and key themes driving their success.

03:20 pm – 03:40 pm

Since banking became mobile, it feels like it should be more intuitive and more automated. Our money should feel easier to use, easier to save and serve us better.

Embedded finance is the beginning of a system where the banking is simply an inherent part of any transaction, and not a belabored afterthought. And with open banking empowering consumers to own their data, the combination with embedded finance could lead to incredible opportunities in every type of financial transaction.

03:40 pm – 04:00 pm
Panel Discussion: Saving, spending and lending

As new digital banking, lending and investing options have emerged, entrepreneurs and everyday consumers are taking a long, hard look at where they’re putting their money.

But can investment apps be trusted? Is insurtech truly transformative? Top execs and experts answer these questions and more.

05:00 pm – 06:00 pm

The Peacock Award for financial products and services honor the best products, hottest innovation and most trusted financial brands.



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