23 March 2022, Amman, Jordan


Fintech & Banks Awards

Annual Fintech and Banks Award

Fintech & Banks Award

What is Peacock Fintech & Banks Award?

The Peacock Fintech & Banks Award for financial products and services honor the best products, hottest innovation and most trusted financial brands. Peacock Fintech & Banks Award invite FinTech startups, retail and corporate banks a diverse group of firms that deliver great customer outcomes to enter their most innovative financial services.

Fintech & Banks Award
Submission commences 1st Feb 2022
Submission end 1st March 2022
Finalists announced10th March 2022
Winners revealed 23rd March 2022

There’s a range of categories at play, all designed to reflect the changing face of the industry and to recognise a diverse group of firms that deliver great customer outcomes. Categories include:

A bank that has the best mobile app to create an excellent customer experience.

A Neobank that offers its customers innovative products & excellent digital experience.

Best Fintech Mobile App with an innovative solution to help consumers  meet digital financial goals.

A bank or fintech company that excels in the field of mobile payments.

An accelerator that consistently nurtures quality fintech companies and helps them on their journey.

Bank in Jordan that has shown strong financial performance and a talent for deploying innovative products & services, while adapting to the changing needs of customers.

A bank or fintech firm that excels at engaging with unbanked & underbanked people in order to give more people access to basic banking services.

A bank that excels in the field of consumer lending by offering quality products & an excellent digital experience.

A bank that has created an excellent customer experience, include all aspects of a customer journey from onboarding/account opening, customer service.

A bank that excels at engaging with SMEs by offering quality products & an exceptional digital experience.

A women whose achievements & work in fintech-related areas of financial services have helped enhance the sector or raise its profile as a career for women. Through education, leadership or acting as a role model.

An individual who holds an executive-level position at a bank, FI or intech firm whose leadership has pushed their team to accomplish great things.

A bank that excels in the area of enterprise payments, balancing speed, ease of use, and reliability.

A bank or fintech company that is using artificial intelligence technology to the greatest effect, creating new capabilities that are only possible through AI.

A bank that excels in the field of regulatory compliance without disrupting customer experience or creating inefficiencies for bank employees.

Every credit card has varying features and benefits, so it is important when looking for a credit card that you choose one that is going to best meet your spending needs and budget.

All entries are judged on creativity, innovation, and overall effectiveness. You will have the opportunity to fill in the following information.

Objective: Describe the objectives and goals that lead to the implementation of your innovation or initiative. Up to 250 words.
Strategy: Describe your entry strategy, implementation, and key features. Up to 500 words.
Results: Layout the results of your work and how it successfully met your team’s objectives and goals. Up to 250 words.
Entry image: Upload an image that best represents your entry. You may upload multiple images, but only the image selected as the cover photo will appear in your entry header. Your cover photo will be resized to 500 x 300. Images must be .jpg or .png, 5MB max size.
Additional information/links: You may include any additional information that will help judges evaluate creativity and effectiveness, including landing pages, social streams, videos, etc.
Team recognition: Give credit to all the people who contributed to your entry’s success!

When entering work for the Peacock Awards, remember that your work must demonstrate at least one of the following criteria:

Impact & Engagement: Entries should demonstrate that their work had a positive impact and engagement.

Creativity: Entries should demonstrate that their work is creative.

Strategy: Entries should demonstrate that they implemented effective strategies important to the goals of the cause.

Please send us email on airshaid@momentsinnovation.com to show your interest for the Peacock Awards and one of the team will be in touch with more details on the awards and how you can get involved.



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